Boots shined, wits gathered, canteens filled, genius-friends Celestine Cooney and Boo George embarked today on a seven day tour of Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

Having flown their home coop of London, England, the two inspired vigilantes will spend the next half-fortnight à la Pickup Truck, careening down dusty roads, rolling through fields of kudzu, knoshing all things Bar-Be-Que and Deep-Fried, mingling with Capote-Muses, coercing the gentle Southerners into ethereal portraiture. The empyrean Celestine will be dressing these noble inhabitants in Blues, brave-heart Boo will be commemorating their essence en Film, the two will emerge from this meat-and-magnolia-scented endeavor bearing the mark of KENTUCKY on their breasts, forever, what will it look like? The full story will be available in the upcoming issue of Twin Magazine. Look further, follow the below e-lit path to review both Celestine and Boo’s divinely-wrought repertoires, as well as more information on Twin.

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