"OI, OI!" How many hours did we sit in the pickup truck (The Prodigy and Dr. Pepper as co-conspirators) last August, me relentlessly ranting on about the wonders of Portland, Oregon, kind Niall listening to my long list with patient ears?  "Many".  It seems I convinced him quite proper as not long after I received a carrier pigeon message from him stating: "I've been hired by AN0THER magazine to document some punk rock youth culture in the States and I've decided it's got to happen in your Shangri-La (he didn't call it that, to be honest, but let's pretend shall we for the thematic allure of that title that he did)!" "Oh well that's lovely news, Niall!" "WILL YOU PLEASE CAST AND PRODUCE THIS EFFORT, RYANN BOSETTI?" Who was I to resist such a gallant request from that sure-stepping Dubliner?  Right. I got on it and gathered a terribly thrilling gaggle of young punks, explained our noble effort, and sold them on the task of being Les Musees for the project.  Niall arrived from London with the ethereally-armed and far-famed stylist Katie Shillingford en tow, and off we plunged into a 3-day joyride through the long-abandoned rose gardens, mud-bombed river beds, and trash-scarred wasteland parking lots of Portland, OR.  The true gemstones of the Pacific Northwestern Wonderland.  In brief, the entire exercise was desperately successful and Niall and I have notched out yet another divet in the proverbial belt of our shared creative history.  Please review the above photos at your undoubted leisure and if you'd like to investigate further the glowing repertoire of Niall O'Brien, follow this link: http://www.niallobrien.co.uk/ Devotedly Yours, Ryann