Welcome to my new policy of publicizing my video work 3-6 months after it's public debut, get it?  I'd like to give my audience the opportunity to find, view, and develop an opinion on the pieces without my blathering on and on Yadda Yiddo, let's all talk about our visages and show our friends, pretend we don't want to be seen or whatever.  THESE PEOPLE THE MIRACLES CLUB ARE THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS.  In the above photo please find two people named Ry-uhn (phonetics) but on the left is Ryan B(oyle) and on the right is me, your Ryann B(osetti).  We love each other and secretly revel in being given the same label.  Ryan Boyle is like one year older than me and has alot to offer in story-form about growing up in Alaska.  He is the third member to The Miracles Club, linking elbows with Rafael Fauria and Honey Owens, they are two lovers in love, and the three of them consume a dance-room and spit it out in heart-shaped rose quartz chunks.  They asked me to dance around in their video and I said well I've only been practicing for this moment in my bedroom mirror for 25+ years, SURE, OK! This was filmed in my house, my studio, my white concrete palace.* *Dear Mom: I was not smoking that cigarette it was a prop.