Remember a bit of a way back when I told you about Zac Pennington and I making a cinematic lovechild that looked like wig dust stuck in your eyelashes and tasted like teenage anxiety?  Then came the doll heads with heart-shaped eyes, etc.

Well so, this is what that baby actually came out looking like.  8 hours of labor in a dark studio, a large man running around talking about Old Hollywood smoke and mirrors, the kind that are actually real, they all live in a deserted Portland mansion with this man.  He was yelling and chewing and sometimes he would throw a lightbulb, glass shatters all over, but we knew it was all fine, just totally en pointe actually.

I held these wigs in my hands and was in a mild state of delirium, so we would play the song and I haphazardly (only looking like this but not actually BEING like this) would slide through each one, gently blow-torching them into lovable shapes.  Anyhow.

I directed this with Zac, please review at your leisure and have a coke while you do so you can wash the salty parts away.