SR: I don’t think it a coincidence you only just now bought new lingerie and have decided to tend to the 8-inch roots on top of your head, non?

RB: I wanted to wrap the new skin up in new colors of lace and texture, to present to this person an actually healed vessel of girlhood and light! I was waiting because it would have been a VHS fast-forward, otherwise. A forced, rushed circumstance, you know?

SR: You seem considerably less Victimized, back to your old ways It Seems.

RB: But they can’t say I didn’t venture to the deepest Depths, can they? THOSE depths.

SR: And your little fingers unclenched, and you are eating ice cream again.

RB: Yes, and I feel in love with everything and everyone, again, even the sharpest ghosts and shards of failures. I am En Love, back in my rightful stance. I can’t stop gazing at portraits of beautiful women and water, and this is one more Proof of Having Healed.


I Only Have Eyes For You