At the moment you realize this Person has revealed to you only their outermost layer, the topcoat of a thousand multitudes beneath, making a fool of your past theories regarding Romantic Expiration, this is the moment that you understand the potential 4 Eternal Concepts of Adoration. The unending Onion of Love and Mystery in your life is this person who sleeps next to you, he pretends to show you Everything and then, right when you feel like you can time his breath and blinks to your every expectation, he calmly peels back the next layer and looks like a new Person, kisses you like a new Person, smells like a new Person, but provides you with the same feeling of subterranean safety, steep-hearted loyalty and unearthly devotion. IT’S INSANE. It’s actually, completely ridiculous. Makes all who came before him look like horny cartoon figures.

The thing is, I knew exactly what Mine would look like. I had a Vision, right in the middle of a nightmare night. Felt phantom arms around mine, smack dab in the center of a cloud of angst, was gifted with a Soothsayer’s moment and instantly felt awash in Light, Light that matched my own but obviously, better.

It’s truly, unbelievably, a Real Concept.

p.s. “Ashley in Colorado”, to answer your question, Standing By Your Man does not include staying with him when he cheats on you with your best friend. I know you say he is only trying to Love and has so much to teach you about Spirituality. The thing is, he will ALWAYS look for (and find) the next Lucky Girl, even when your best friend kicks him to Le Proverbial Curb, even when he is Teaching You, he will do these tres terrible things to you, because you see he separates the two worlds from each other, keeps them pure from each other, and therefore justifies their parallel existence. There will be no guilt for him, only classic, Grecian-stylo pain for you. I bet there is a person in your present day sphere who would rather slit his own throat than Sell You Out. I’m saying this with deep compassion and also, from the certitude of personal experience, Ma Chere.

“Kick Out The Jams”,