Nalu Gruschkus is a 13 year old woman and fellow Marfa resident whom I have the unearthly privilege of calling my friend and yes, kindred spirit. Nalu and I do allot of cool things together. These things include:


having slumber parties

choreographing dance pieces

eating pizza

discussing the tribulations of romance

planning our shining futures

discussing our individual efforts and experience as activated feminists

her painting my nails

reading tarot

her practicing her acting monologues on me

eating candy

soaking in hot springs

reveling in our shared life circumstance


Nalu interviewed me for a class project and you can listen to this interview via the link below.

Nalu Gruschkus interviews Ryann Bosetti


If you plan on being in Marfa on Saturday July 2nd, please consider yourself invited to attend a public performance piece enacted by me and Nalu which will include special choreography that we have been working on since last summer. The dance piece is part of a larger incarnation of work which we’ve defined as U Got the Look: A Tribute 2 Prince. We will perform this at The Crowley Theater and I believe it begins at 7pm.