10/17/2011 Spiritual Harmony thru Paradoxical Association/I L*TERALLY CANNOT STOP LAUGHING

Ed's like: Wait A Minute, This Guy? Didn't I Get Dibs On Sting Like 8 Months Ago? Jesus Guys This One's Always Backing Me Into A Corner At My Culver City Pool Parties Wanting To Tell Me All About How He's Always Related to My 90% DEVIL 10% ANGEL Piece And Every Time I Look At Him And Tell Him That Song Under the Bridge Always Resonated With Me Because I'm Trying To Reciprocate His Artist's Support And It's The Only Song Of His I Can Remember, Also He's Always Hitting On My 16 Y.O. Niece Christina, Jesus Guys.  Is It Too Late For Sting? Sting's Wife? I'll Remake This Poster, No Charge. Honestly. I can't stop laughing at this poster.  It's maybe the only image I carried back from my recent foray to L.A. and I will literally wake up laughing with this in my third eye, middle of the night, not joking.  OMG for the simple joys, people. -RB