06/25/2012 When you find a life schedule you composed for yourself on the first morning of your first time in Marfa, two years and 3 transformative disasters later.

KM: What are Treatments. RB: That part makes me nervous because I can't remember. Probably it involved vanity-based extreme SPF application?  But I can't actually say. I'm hopelessly humbled by what an idiot I've been since this insane, terribly real period when I literally lived by this childlike Judy Blume spiritualism-style schedule. KM: No more Hans Ulrich note taking or ETHEREAL WONDER since then, is what you're getting at. RB: Oof, who/what/where Am I, Even? KM: I'm most shocked by this 7am business. RB: I'm more shocked by the fact that I accomplished all of this while spending my nights in Vance Knowles' purportedly haunted bedroom.  REGARDLESS OF THIS, it's time 2 realign.  First order of business of course is Buying an Airstream Trailer . Let's talk again when I've sewn and installed the yellow curtains. Pass the mustard, Sweetest.