03/14/2010 Your Move, Babe

"How To" (Win at Chess)

Following are step-by-step instructions to execute 3 short moves that will help you to defeat your opponent with such an ease that they won’t know what has actually hit them.

  • In your first step, move your pawn forward right in front of the king by either one or two blocks. Though, you can choose any, it is better to take one block, especially if you are playing against an experienced player, because he might try to reverse this strategy on you. If your opponent in his turn leads out with queen’s knight, move your queen three blocks diagonally towards right, next to your pawn. By this your opponent will not be able to anticipate your next move.
  • Now if your opponent moves his pawn forward by two blocks in order to apply pressure to your queen, and would expect you to get worried about your queen, move your king’s bishop four blocks forward.
  • As your opponent in his turn moves the pawn in hopes of taking your queen, you should move your queen by taking the opponent’s pawn and placing the queen in front of the opponent’s queen bishop. By this step you will checkmate your opponent.

Chess is believed to be an ultimate game that needs skill, strategy, and an ability to think smartly before taking the next move. Being alert, following the basic rules of chess, knowing your position, taking possession of maximum blocks, protecting your king, avoiding time pressures, eliminating chess blunders, and confidence, are some basic chess strategies or tips that will help you to win the game. I hope by knowing the above mentioned steps, or 3 move win in chess as it is also called, you will be having a fair idea now of how to win at chess.

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