01/09/2017 2 Degrees and Dreeming


Hudson, NY I am your newest participant, having only last week slipped through the high desert grasp of your brother town, Marfa, TX. Maybe there will be more female energy here? I still love you Marfa, you are 100% male all the way down to your man lava innards but I do still love you, the same way I loved Nate Moffet the quarterback in 1999, crushing hard via my fetishization of your jock bravado, then squeezing this into the shape of love via my purely hypothetical understanding of what I thought fiery teenage loins would feel like.

Yesterday I made uncomfortable eye contact with Gaby Hoffman on the street and today Meryl Streep’s speech fills me with a childish yearning feeling.

This morning I woke up to my phone telling me it was two degrees outside and I was immediately overwhelmed by how inexplicably sensual this felt to me, which was awkward because I historically loathe to describe any person place or thing as SENSUAL, it feels like such a Sexy Mommy word, and yet, there I was rolling around in the sheets grossing myself out while also reveling in an anticipatory feeling, one of my favorite recent paradoxical moments.

The only food object in my house is a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, no apologies.

Yesterday I got in a fight with an empowered woman on Facebook about my entrepreneurial method of offering haircut discounts to liberal arts college students. She said that those people do not deserve a discount. I expelled some words about women attacking women on the internet and called her an irresponsible feminist and then erased the whole thing because I felt embarrassed primarily about still having a Facebook account and secondarily re: getting into a public word squabble with a misguided peer via social media.

Honestly just listing cerebral bullet points for now, next time I will come at you with some quality material. Poorly laid bullet points for today.

Anyhow, I’ll be living in this town for the next unclassified period of time and feel wholeheartedly hopeful about it.

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